Friday, June 28, 2013

Drive - The Cars

Who's gonna tell you when,
It's too late,
Who's gonna tell you things,
Aren't so great.

You can't go on, thinkin',
Nothings' wrong, but bye,
Who's gonna drive you home,

Who's gonna pick you up,
When You fall?
Who's gonna hang it up,
When you call?

Who's gonna pay attention,
To your dreams?
And who's gonna plug their ears,
When you scream?

You can't go on, thinkin'
Nothings wrong, but bye,
(who's gonna drive you)
(who's gonna drive you)
Who's gonna drive you home, tonight?
(who's gonna drive you home)

(bye baby)
(bye baby)
(bye baby)
(bye baby)

Who's gonna hold you down,
When you shake?
Who's gonna come around,
When you break?

You can't go on, thinkin',
Nothin's wrong, but bye,
(Who's gonna drive you)
(who's gonna drive you)
Who's gonna drive you home, tonight?
(who's gonna drive you home)

Oh, you know you can't go on, thinkin',
Nothin's wrong,
(Who's gonna drive you)
(Who's gonna drive you home)
Who's gonna drive you home, tonight?

(bye baby)
(bye baby)
(bye baby)

Thursday, June 13, 2013

take your dirty hands off my mirror

sun shines
summer comes
it's been 3 years
and i don't feel a thing
like i should
like i could
take that thought
out of mind
and then we will all be fine
some day
some day
they say
after this
we will be fine

when we return
the sun sets
and day is done
like the body
of everyone
like the sun
will someday die
but you and i
and the moon
are never alone
are forever alive

going home
going home
we will know
when we get home

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

all i need

the things that i love
are here
and everything else
is either unknown
and about to happen
or not for me
not right now at least

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

kyoko in motion lol

Sick Of The Kyoko
Guess Who Taught Me About Kyoko
Kyoko Under The Sheets
Kyoko Is For Everyone
Exploring Kyoko
Game Of Kyoko
Putting An End To Kyoko
Kyoko Talked Me Out Of It
Kyoko Is Better Than Sex
Kyoko Implosion
Facing Kyoko
Kyoko Will Bring Us Together
The New Face Of Kyoko
Recovering From Kyoko
Strange Kyoko
Foxy Kyoko
Kyoko Is A Girl Called Wednesday
Kyoko On The Mind
Kyoko Party
The Beauty Of Kyoko
Broken Kyoko
Suped Up Kyoko
Unstoppable Kyoko
Introvert Kyoko
Supernatural Kyoko
My Wooden Kyoko
100mph Kyoko
So Much For The Kyoko
The Kyoko
Bright Kyoko
Jealous Kyoko
Rampant Kyoko
Kyoko Detox
Kyoko Is My Middle Name
War Of Kyoko
Kyoko Days
Staring At All This Kyoko
Kyoko Has No Answers
Kyoko Hits You Hard
Kyoko On A Stick
Taming The Kyoko
Game Of Kyoko
Freezing Kyoko
Running Out Of Kyoko
Kyoko From Heaven
Phony Kyoko
Kyoko In A Frame
Sick Of The Kyoko
Kyoko All Over The Floor
Kyoko, Kyoko, Gimme The Kyoko!
Kyoko Plans
Kyoko Compliments
Kyoko Visions
Kyoko Strength
Kyoko Faults
A Strange Kinda Kyoko
Kyoko Emotions
Kyoko Thunder
Kyoko Choices
Kyoko Chores
Kyoko From Top To Bottom
Kyoko Violence
Kyoko Techniques
Kyoko Lightning
Kyoko Fashion
Kyoko Promises
Kyoko Distractions
Kyoko Ideas
Everything Is Kyoko
Too Kyoko To Think

The War On Kyoko
Kyoko On My Mind
New York Kyoko
A Flash Of Kyoko
Remembering Kyoko
Nothing To Do With Kyoko
Unforgettable Kyoko
Unforgettable Kyoko
Suck My Kyoko
Blizzard Of Kyoko
Green Kyoko
Stray Kyoko
Broken Kyoko
Violent Kyoko
Sick Of The Kyoko
Nature Of The Kyoko
My Wooden Kyoko
Day Of The Kyoko
1 Less Kyoko
Transparent Kyoko
Let There Be Kyoko
Kyoko Will Turn You Around
Kyoko On The Floor
One Night Of Kyoko
Kyoko Safari
Fake Kyoko
Kyoko Taken For Granted
Light Kyoko
Looking Down On Kyoko
There's Nothing Like Kyoko
We Don't Need No Kyoko
Kyoko Unleashed
Rounding Up The Kyoko
Instant Kyoko
Kyoko Like This
Little Kyoko
Careless Kyoko
Infinite Kyoko
Game Of Kyoko
Kyoko On Ice
Kyoko Gestures
Kyoko Frowns
Kyoko Bombs
Kyoko Warmth
Kyoko Bargains
Kyoko Powers
Kyoko Heat
Kyoko Talent
Kyoko Politeness
Kyoko Adventures

kyoko on no!


hydrogen carbon and rust

soup hydrogen soup carbon 
truths scratched from the dirt 
rusting trucks 
die with years
in dry grass below
and with vultures above 
in waiting 
hungry like the old
hungry like the forgotten
waiting in line
for the dead
to come
like we wait 
to die

Monday, June 10, 2013

orange big muff juice

the End
and everyone is waiting here for you
fight a fight that never ends
I've said enough
and the
One who bleeds out
is the one
I reach for
I reach For you in
 i want to kiss your venom stained mouth
did you ever
the life I see
is your Face
is a sin
the truth lies there
Now who's there with me now
when all we want
Is what's real
until it's everything I had
i have no more
It's not like this
just like this
just like
the end
the end
just like You
do you
I just want
it to shut up
blisters on
So pissed off
you're not alone
not At all
you would rather feel
pain than nothing
at all
walking with a blistered soul
i can't wash away those years
just walking around I hear
You talk about your life
I wish that was my own
I try to get in
but i'm Passed over looked over
not nobody
I won't
let them make you sorry
a stranger strange
is who i am
i am everything i hide
everything i am
is a lie
from all the
just fell apart like
and nothing
it's me
who never gives up
the never ending fight
against myself
i am my own bad
all in my head
and i will turn
my own back on me
you fight to be you
and i fight to hide what is me
But it's too little, too far to throw
it all away
far away
maybe some other day
you can have
you can use
if you want
if you need
if you wish
to find

the mess we are

Face and I said wrong
you comfortable liar you're such
A comfortable liar
you're such a mess
Why would I wanna be like you
I cannot
the mess  we are
we are in,
if I
what if i
What if
what if
what you want
i want you to
See I'm not the only one who
Would carry on
is how
it's going to be
The one maybe
I'm the one who
Would carry on
far away
in my way
You're wrong
if you feel
any magic to
  back off
back down
I always clean your fucking mess and
Leave no trace
no evidence
I am letting
You know
you stand reborn
before us all
so glad
To see you
I would die, to mold
it new
and i am now caught up in
this hell
so don't fake
This is
don't remember,
i remember when this was
  caught in the rewind
caught in the capture
of ridicule
i'm the fool
to everyone
Tired of paying
and playing
a game
that will end always the same
just gets in
from the back
from the fold
the oldest story ever told
Burn like the way
I'm wired
so could you maybe
Lend a hand
to help a drowning man
whose eyes of better
got stuck in clouds
Feelings all right
but not right now
not this time
It's over it's over, this is
How, you, steered it
as bad
as you feared it
as bad as
you always wanted it to be
and I need is serenity
I don't need you
I Stumble then I crawl
with you around
you could be
the death of me
Just like you
do it all for You
you know this world is not for me
and I don't feel
everything's alright
but she was always
better at this game than me ...

i lied...

i let you excuse me

having any taste

sometimes you have to wallow in your own shit
before you realize
what you are now
is shit
you are what you produce

there's only two types of
expression (art music creation etc.)


 in between
doesn't matter
if it doesn't

if it doesn't hold
if it doesn't stay
or inside your heart or brain
and make you
feel something
then it doesn't fucking matter

the strangest of the strange...

the strangest of the strange...
...i am

star loves the beatles too

star loves the beatles too
yeah i love the beatles too