Friday, December 25, 2009

ten years

there is no one 

i feel the space 
in the same clutter 
i've carried around for years
in a different place
but i feel the missing
i feel the shadows of 
the strangers i use to know
all i have 
are just some jumbled memories
all in pieces
fall in pieces

pieces in my mind
comes out of darkness
sometimes from the music
sometimes in a smell
i can remember pieces of the past
puts me right back to where i was at that moment
only for a moment  

only for a feeling 
associations remain

in bits of my life then 
long gone

feels so long ago

went by so fast
now i am left with the ghost
of things 
of time
and the feelings that linger
some things i long for
some things i wish never to return

some things i wish never went away
some things i regret
i didn't know then
i know less now
and who i am changes more
the more time passes

i am alone again
alone now with years
and memories
that make me feel more alone than ever
i long for the love
i let go
i wasn't ready for

i long for the love 
that i let die
only now can i see how careless i was

and it makes me sad
when i think of all the things that are gone
some gone for good
people that have left me
people that have left the world
if i only knew then
how special it all was
if i only knew then
what i had...
---  maybe

in days to come 
i will know what i have
when i have it

people are careless
i see how careless i am

after it's gone 
i see how careless i've been

the last ten years of my life

was a whole other life time
the last ten years 
now come to its end

where i came from
where i've been is so far from me now
it is time to start a new

where i'm going? 

i won't know until i get there
sometimes i only know once i've gone 

alone with the pieces 
waiting around the corner

for something to begin again

Thursday, December 24, 2009

time on my side

it took some time to get over the sad part of breaking up.  now it's been a little while and i've had time to think about everything.  i've had time to go out and self destruct. i even ran into a few of your friends which was good and bad but helpful. one of your friends told me how you bring anything and everything and have been fucking like crazy. that part i could care less about cause we're not together anymore. what really hurt (but i knew deep down) is how you've been fucking the one person i trusted. she even talked to me like she gave a shit. people fuck up in relationships. it's the nature of them but you have never been faithful or good to anyone really. you wondered why i was get so mad at you --- it's because you never really acted like a boyfriend. we were together and you would just do things that made it so hard to like you as a person. i felt disrespected - lied to - unimportant and i always felt like i couldn't trust you. you are not someone i can trust. you cheat and you lie and you have demons far more dangerous than i think you realize and way too destructive for anyone to ever really be with you. you acted as though you were sooooo good and i was the one that treated you like shit. i loved you and you trashed my heart and my good and i have nothing good to keep from our "relationship" breaking up with you was the best decision i ever made. i just wish i never wasted time with you to begin with. what we had wasn't good. you are not made to be the monogamous type. you can't just be friends with anyone either. you can't help it but i feel really relieved that i don't have to deal with you anymore. yup... the end .

Monday, December 14, 2009

all is lost - eh

 do you see me? 
do you even care
you left me broken hearted 
i belong nowhere--
the end of it all 
the end of my days
the end of my love
in nowhere nothing stays

you have your fun in numbers
too many you've loved in vain
now i know i'm one of the many
the rows of tracks that line your train
but i am nowhere near you now
soon i won't think of you no more
but you will miss the love i gave you
when you are with a new whore 

the strangest of the strange...

the strangest of the strange...
...i am

star loves the beatles too

star loves the beatles too
yeah i love the beatles too