Sunday, May 22, 2011

whore it up and don't give a fuck

whore it up
don't give a fuck
until you find something worth giving a fuck about
wait ...
imagine just came on the radio
and it makes me want to cry
cause all i wanted was to be a part of something 
all i wanted was to be important enough to you
but it's not you
it's not even love
if it's like this
it's not you 
it's him and him and especially 
the big man who started it all
who started me anyways
he's the one i'm wanting to be important enough to
he's the one who started this feeling inside me
but i'm the one who will end it 
cause you...
you were just a painful reminder
of what i lack
and what i will always yearn for 
even with the best therapy and years of treatment
you were just a filler to keep me feeling the empty and the rejection
cause i feed off the hurt and the pain that never stops
i feed off the hurt and the pain that hasn't killed me.... yet
cause you know it is bound to get to anyone
the missing and the empty is bound to take over
the shit is gonna get to me someday
i can only take what i can take for so long
-- and what that means to me is not some morbid cry for help
i won't kill myself now 
i'm too old for that shit
but when the shit hits the fan
and too much is too much
 a part of me won't be alive 
like before 
and that 
is okay 
it has to be okay
i make it okay by escaping in many
i won't cry today
now i am okay
cause you can't fuck with 
something and expect it to not fuck back 
so for now
i will deal with my hurt and pain and blah blah blah
by fucking everything in site
and that means sexx
cause at least that's something i can do
and do without giving a fuck
if it ain't you
whore it up baby
cause it's the only way 
it's the only way
until you find a better way 

Saturday, May 21, 2011

drive to get lost somewhere with you

you know how much i crave you…
so much i devour you and
spit pieces of you out
and all over
i am covered in you 
just to leave you
and disappear as i do
just to leave you 
with the memory 
and the smell 
of me 
until the next time
we meet 
in back seats
in secret spaces 
and in dark alleys again

Monday, May 09, 2011

twenty-two years ago today... :(

haven't been writing
haven't felt like it much
but today it's been 22 years
and i miss you
like the little girl in me would
i hold on to the way life was back then
cause in many ways it was the last bit of
pure and true goodness
inside me
and that i can remember

22 years
how does that time go by without a thought
without the idea that time even exists
until it's already gone
i miss you
i will go visit you
in the place
where you now forever will sleep
i will bring food and have a picnic
i will bring me as i was back then
and the letters i had written to you when you left
now long ago
the letters i stopped writing
all this
now a lifetime ago
since i've seen you
a part of me forgets
i miss you...
i love you.
you were the only one to keep the rest of together
now everything else has faded
and is more gone
than you.
i feel
i miss you

Thursday, May 05, 2011

doesn't it make you wonder?

why i'm so okay with letting you go?
i don't think it's hit you yet...
but everything you show me has been nothing much
and so that's what i'm left with
i'm writing this before i go
thought of you because someone else had mentioned your name (they weren't even talking about you)
but i thought this would be a nice farewell
in words
you should know what that
feels like

the strangest of the strange...

the strangest of the strange...
...i am

star loves the beatles too

star loves the beatles too
yeah i love the beatles too