Monday, January 28, 2013

10:38 pm flow

found myself
but not
i guess sometimes
that's where i have to be
cause the brain and
the heart
don't always
right along with
that of others
so in sync
in sync out
i fall all about
this and that
and is not
it's at
what is it
what it is not
my thoughts
get caught
up in the
i need a fix
cause i'm going down ;)
you don't have to call me
or ever
if you never
do anyways
you don't have to be around
cause then i know you won't won't on your own
your ghost is all
i've ever known
the only thing that's shown
is the
out and in
i need a lot tonight
but not from you
not from anyone else
but me will do
i find comfort in the facts thrown at me
that i don't even care to hear
but you care to say
i know i'll miss it
and you someday

Thursday, January 24, 2013

When one door closes another one opens. :) (cheesy)

He makes me smile.
He has soft skin
And a nice face
A really nice face
All his other parts are really nice too
He's gentle But strong
He makes me feel safe
He's not afraid to say how he feels
Or show how he feels
And he makes me laugh
And right now I like that
And appreciate that
More than ever before

Monday, January 21, 2013

3 of us to take away the blues

2 guys 1 girl and naked yoga.
Does that get your attention ?
A temporary relief
For a permanent disease
Heartbreak at its finest
I hate goodbyes
Especially saying goodbye to someone I love(d)
I had no choice
You left me with no other choice
But goodbye
We all mourn in different ways
A temporary relief
To a permanent disease.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Karma Is Your Bitch…. – The Incredible Bitch

Karma Is Your Bitch…. – The Incredible Bitch

Sunday, January 13, 2013

wish you were beer -

you stammer on
and makes an excuse
that runs into a run on
another excuse
turned excuses
piled on
and on top of
more excuses
"excuse me for
being the asshole i am" you recite
"excuse me for not giving a shit
cause i felt sick or woke up grumpy or got drunk blah blah ya di da di dahhhh"
---- his yack is always the same stupid back
and i don't really care
i don't give a shit anymore 
drop it
leave it
kick it
trash it
dump it
and walk on by
you're done
i'm gone
it's dead
moving on 
go with
you don't even see the stupid you do

you wasted all the tries
you spit out all your lies

and you have no chance to make it back
or get it back again
ever again

you're too much
that i don't ever want to deal with

ever again


Sunday, January 06, 2013

Don't get shit twisted

I trust people who are trustworthy.
I don't trust you.
You don't show me loyalty
You aren't there in good times or bad times.
You play sides and you don't have my back.
I have no reason to trust you when you act untrustworthy.
Trust isn't about what you tell me to my face
trust is about how you act when I'm not around.
Don't wonder why you get treated like less of a person than the rest.
You act like less of a person
And I do not trust you at all.

Now move along.
There's no room for you here with me.

the strangest of the strange...

the strangest of the strange...
...i am

star loves the beatles too

star loves the beatles too
yeah i love the beatles too