Saturday, February 23, 2013

love love love

i couldn't love you more than you love me
i would like to think
we just love
we don't ask more
we don't give less
we just are
maybe we already just are that way
but it's our world baby
that makes us think
we need titles
and onlys
and forevers
when we got all of that
and none of that
all at the same time
i guess i just like loving
someone like you
and that doesn't mean anything more or less
than what it means
don't get too lost in all i say
cause at this time i really feel that way
i don't say
those words
"i love you"
too many people take it the wrong way
or over take it
and trash it
before they can understand
that love is love
and love is beautiful
in it's true form
and it doesn't always mean one person is less
and the other more
it's all the other expectations that make love
not love but this ugly thing
that is the opposite of love
 and that is what i wish to remember
when i go about this life


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star loves the beatles too

star loves the beatles too
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