Monday, February 18, 2013

you're a walking abortion

daddy issues
mommy issues too
boo hoo you - stupid girl
whine and cry your alligator tears
tell everyone your sob story
that no one wants to hear
you're such a victim
you're always the victim
i've never met anyone as worthless as you
nobody loves you and you know it
not even you
cry about that too
scream and shout
you got nothing worth talking about
you spit spat spit shit
and lies
you fat
worthless brat
pop those pills
i hope it kills
you for good
cause you're already dead inside
you're a piece of shit
you do nothing with your life
or to make the world better
i hope you fucking die
nobody likes you
look around you have no friends of your own
gee i wonder why
cause you're a no good person
and no one can stand to be around shit like you for too long

corinna law you should go do this world and everyone around you a favor and kill yourself. no one would miss you... what's there to miss?
a twofaced lying manipulative hater who back stabs everyone and talks a bunch of shit when you have no fucking right. you do nothing with your life cause you are nothing. just like your stupid worthless mom- if you can even call her a mother. go hold her hair back some more as she pukes all over your self worth. oh yeah you lost that years ago. if you're gonna act like a fucked up slut bitch cunt then expect to be treated like one. fucking baby.... you can't go running and telling on people when they fucking punch your ugly face in- cause you deserve it. actually you deserve much worse... and mark my words - you will get what's coming to you. you have enough people who can't wait to see you fucking go down and feel pain. but this time your mommy won't be able to fight your fights for you. coward. watch your fucking back you fat ugly cunt. trust me you're gonna wish you never fucked with all the people you fucked with. especially me. watch it--- when you least expect it bitch... when you least expect it. go do something with your pathetic life while you have the chance... stupid corinna no wonder everyone hates you and wants to punch you in your retarded looking fat face. ha...  get used to it you cunt.

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star loves the beatles too
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