Friday, March 22, 2013

the lonliest man that will ever be

i loved you
really there
you will be alone
the loneliest man
that ever was
and will ever be
just wait and see...

hazy dark blue
made to rust
just like
the ugly
feel left
from lust
you like to paint
as a picture of love
when it fits your fill
and when it doesn't
you don't care

if i remain
down where
you always left me
out on the outs
of your living
with so many
i will never know
i will never meet
i've been kept low
to hide on the 
 pitch black side
of the fold
the dark side of cold
drips drops that echo
an orphans cry
to the deaf ears
and a blind sky
you let it go by
bye bye
apart from
not a part of 
everything else
that i am not invited to by you
 tonight when i kiss the ideas of love
and the you that isn't you  
goodbye bad bye
i ask you why
i ask you why
would i feel your love
when your love
was never loving to me?
 let's not pretend that you try
cause you barely do much of any thing
that doesn't serve you first
and you ultimately

that you don't have to say
that you show more than love
and more than you know

go -now
       i go

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star loves the beatles too

star loves the beatles too
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