Wednesday, March 13, 2013

I want to live. And I can't when I'm with you

U can lose me
U pretty much have already
U can say how hard it is
U can argue about my feelings
Tell me blue is orange
When everyone around me sees blue too
U can not call me all day
Not even bother trying to talk to me
After you made me mess of my heart the day before
You can not care enough to really do something to repair the damage
But instead act like texting me sorry
Then acting like everything's okay makes it all go away
You can stay a child
As long as you want
As long as the ones around you enable you to ruin and you don't have to think about what your actions and how they affect people and relationships
You can ignore the writing on the wall
Or the words that fall from my mouth and make up your own ideas and beliefs and hear what you want to hear
I'm starting to think you believe what you want and what you want isn't what's happening.
You run around the same track
Forever if you want
You can hit repeat on your tongue
You try and make me be there with you over and over again
But I'm not going to be there
I don't like the stick
Of this stuck
You're sticking me in
Cause you're there
I won't be anywhere
Near this again
That's stupid if I do the same thing over with you.
It's stupid that you don't see that you do it too.
This is the end of the end
And the beginning of a new start

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star loves the beatles too
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