Thursday, March 21, 2013

find colors between

the fold
the split
the shadow
the sides
left and right
black and white
east and west
day and night
sun and moon
dark and light
black and white
i sometimes
to blend the two
i shift all one way
and become that side
until that side
becomes too much
of me
that i flip a switch
completely around
and shift to the
opposite side
where i hide
for as long as i can
until i am
 sick of that side now too
back and forth
flip flop
trip hop

start and stop
between the two sides of me
i live in the split
of dualities
buff out
the line
that cuts me off
from me
in the middle of it
is where i would like to be

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the strangest of the strange...

the strangest of the strange...
...i am

star loves the beatles too

star loves the beatles too
yeah i love the beatles too