Thursday, December 27, 2012

too late for goodbyes

you dropped me back off at my house right now
5:30 am
time of death
or time of birth?
we spent our last night together
our last few hours
ha it's funny how sad that sounds now
when i look at it in writing 
it makes me even more sad to see it there
and know that it's really over

my love for you isn't gone yet
that will take far more time
than i'd like to admit
and much more time
than i would like for it to
but we all mourn the way we do

i loved you so much more
than i wanted to
maybe more than you
looking up at my wall
to the record clock you made
for me
and the song
"too late for goodbyes"
it hits my heart
makes my insides hurt and yearn and love
and i burn for you
the way we were
back then
i wish we could live that time again
i don't think you were ever ready for me
i waited for you but you never came around
 but if i could go back
to the beginning
when we first fell in love
when we first began
and do it all over again
i would
in a hearbeat
i would

but now
it's not too late
for goodbyes

goodbye love...


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star loves the beatles too

star loves the beatles too
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