Monday, October 15, 2012

you're a liar

that make you
a spineless
too scared to face
too weak to say what's really going on
no balls
to say the truth
stammer a bunch of bullshit
until that's all that you are
you don't have the guts to be somebody
you're full of shit
and you play me for a fucking fool
when you're the one who's a tool
i know you're a liar
that's why you like to put it on me
but you're the liar
with no backbone to hold you up
if everyone else holding you up let's go
you wouldn't last a day
be a man
not a pussy
be somebody worth giving a shit about
be someone better
than what you are right now
cause right now
you make me want to vomit
at the sound of your voice
stammering out stupid excuses and lies
to cover up
the things you're too afraid to stand up for in public
yet in private behind closed doors still do
you don't "love" me if you're doing shit that you know you wouldn't like someone to do to you
you make me want to die
cause you won't die
in my life
you keep fucking with me
and showing up
and saying you're sorry
and saying you love me
then doing whatever you want
then ignoring me
then calling me crazy
then asking me over
then fucking me
the using me
then tossing me to the side
then making some excuse as to why you can't be in my life
then ignoring me to the point where i start to move on
then finding me
then hunting me down
only to repeat over and over again
you won't leave me alone
and you take advantage of the fact that i love you
i only let you back in my life so many times cause i loved you
but now
you're fucked
and fucked alone
cause i don't care
how much you cry and try
after it's too late
you make up your mind
to be a dickhead when i needed you
when i was hurting
so you better be able to take what you dish out
cause caring about you
was a waste of time
you are a waste of time
this is the beginning of my life without bullshit like you getting in the way

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