Monday, October 15, 2012

stale cigrettes and coffee

infecting whole groups
marches the path to change
something new to discover
please keep it that way
we roar in life
listen to it hum
rejected thoughts and feelings
that change into hard ways
down a path to the great divide
terrorists, bad friends
they always offer
to give lessons

sometimes hidden behind 
a shadow of doubt or dislike
stale cigarettes and coffee
paint a muted color picture

stuck in static 
a shaken moment
in a dull late afternoon
we are the faded faces  
that refrain 
from real
restricted rehearsed removed
ready to drown
ready to strangle life 
ready to choke  heart
endless insomnia
within empty chambers
my eyeballs bleed

we fly around 
til one comes out
chasing the rabbit 

reminds me of something else
Cosmic mystery
Unknowable enigma
blood stains on the carpet
junk emerges from its tin
it's bad medicine

that will save us all
a croaking ghost -
a skeleton dreams of light -
supernatural, dark

a morning eye -
a skeleton may know of death -
dawn, dawn
Under the cover of death 

the spirits speak, 
In the streets of words 

the leaves sleep, 
Under the cover of desire 

the leaves turn,  
Beneath the surface of longing 
the memories breathe,  
On the bed 
of imagination 
the poets mourn,  
Beyond this moment 
of longing  
dreamers speak,  
In the dreams of time
 the waves vanish, 
In the moonless darkness of Winter

 where young ones wander, 
In the air of tears 
the insects fade
Frozen Word taunts me
No escaping this Window
How will I write now?  
how will i write now?


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the strangest of the strange...

the strangest of the strange...
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star loves the beatles too

star loves the beatles too
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