Sunday, May 16, 2010

that wednesday

when i walked out on you
i walked out on you for good
no more of you being less than
or treating me less than
no more to be sold out
sold in for the instant fix
i don't want anything to do with you
after you left me this way
it's taken so long for me to get myself back to okay
just ok
there's pieces of me i'm still trying to glue
and you
come in and out of my head in pieces of nothing
nothing more
than a good fuck
that the best lies told by the greatest liar
you are the master story teller
who will always be hidden behind large tales
larger than life in the way you remember it
larger than life in the way you replay it
larger than life because you in real life are smaller than you would like to be
pages in a book of short stories
many stories that ended that Wednesday when i left your house
we ended that wednesday when you let me leave
we ended when you watched me cry
and left me with no reply
still wanna fuck?
you want anal sex?
fuck your heartless kind
i've learned my lesson now
and there's nothing that will ever lead me back to you
- there's always someone next in line to save you from the last one you've trashed
it makes me happy that you have lost that special place in my heart
i am happy that i know you are really like so many others
i'm happy that you can easily be replaced by bigger and better things
i guess when you start to miss me
there won't be anything i miss of you
i think of you now
only when someone else mentions your name
and even then i let those thoughts quickly pass on
stale and bitter
no good really came from our time
not the good that stays with me now
nor is there any good from you that stays with me in a life time.
i'm not sad
glad i walked out your door
that wednesday
glad i walked out your life
for the last time
i'm glad it's someone else you do it to
i'm glad that it's not me
blah you get the point
i'm happy now

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star loves the beatles too
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