Monday, May 17, 2010

it's your problem now

you gotta parade your shit around..
you know i'm gonna see
all the pictures
all the posts
all the shit i wouldn't care about if it wasn't pushed in my face.
what's funny though is you look more like a man in drag now
you look like you're trying
wearing different clothes
too much makeup
over the top hair
you were pretty being you
and now you look used up
you don't even look like you
i don't envy that
i don't envy you at all
i know you try to impress him
i know you have become him
he has that way about him
you want to do everything that he does cause you think it's great
i don't want any of that
i can find my own way without him
i don't think you could
cause you don't know you
you didn't know you
and now you think you know you
now that he's around making more of you

he was not who i thought he was
and now you are the one who is lost in his haze
like i was years ago
i only wish you luck in future days when this wave you're riding fades
he's the master of saying the things you want to hear -
he will make say all the right things if there's something he wants from you
but it dies
like everything dies
but it dies cold
and empty
and you're left with everything
while he's already moved on to the next
it's who he is
he's done this many times before
and it takes time to get yourself back to okay after someone like him
i'm just glad it's you now
and not me


  1. Wow, that's some serious anger. if he's such a prick thats a lot of well worded energy to waste on the man...

  2. yes it is serious anger... cause i dealt with it for so long. it was such a mind fuck... but if you knew him - you would understand. it was my fault for not listening to other people warn me about his past. it really doesn't upset me unless i'm reminded of it. ;)


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