Sunday, May 02, 2010

some people say ...

today is the day i got over you
i got over trying to make you see what you're not gonna see
i got over trying to hear the words you won't even say
i can't find you when you keep yourself hidden
i would've done anything and everything for you if you let me in
but you only let me in so much - and only sometimes
tonight was the reason
i hung up the phone
hung up the bullshit that i was taking from you
when you want me to care - and you're willing to let me in
i'll be there- if i can
if it's not too late
cause you're not gonna be a priority to me and to my heart anymore if you continue to be the way you've been.
you make it more complicated cause it's a way to avoid working on your real issues.
i hope you get through it -with or without me
but right now i'm gonna work on myself
i'm going to continue my life and be there to those who want me there and those who allow me to be there.
i'm done fighting for you.
i have no desire for you
this is a day i will remember cause i'm over you
for as long as you are the way you are now...
i'm leaving
this broken heart i had behind..

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star loves the beatles too

star loves the beatles too
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