Tuesday, May 19, 2009

i wish i was dead

never felt like this
you don't want me anymore
i don't even want me
is this me?
who am i?
love has me in pieces
in places in pieces
so many some have faded to dust
into dust
like our love
you fade too
if you knew
what i knew inside
maybe you could see what i see
and feel what i feel
but you
only know you
and i fall down as i listen to you speak
saying the words that break me ever more
i am broken fragments on the floor
step and crush and stomp all over me
until i am no more
i don't want to be with this
all i wanted was you
all i ever wanted was you
your love
i had
but now for me
you don't feel the same
like you had before
you change quickly and
i'm left without
i don't want to be
don't care to be
don't care
don't care
want out
want dead
i wish i were dead


  1. did you write this?

  2. It's always intriguing to read something that someone else wrote and feel like they know how you feel, like you could have written it yourself. It is a reminder to me of how similar we all are as people. We all like to think we are so unique, but when it comes down to it, we all experience pain and happiness.


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star loves the beatles too
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