Sunday, September 12, 2010

we have ruined us

as stupid as it may sound
or as foolish as it may be
i wish i could go back to the start of us
as immature as it was
we had something between us
that was far beyond the wear of old hearts
and i wish i could go back to that
sex gets in the way
you have tuned me out
and any love or care that is real in me- you no longer let yourself see
you do not want to let me in
i see the worst and feel the worst
to come out of you
and the worst i expect you do
and we
have ruined
this together
and both you and i alone
have destroyed us apart
you have come too close to the wild
played me games of a child
you only aim to feed yourself now
you tease the hunger i have in me

i remember just days before
i felt a love for you
that now no longer remains


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  1. You write like I did
    When I was younger
    And now my Ipad makes my
    Lines too hard to fix
    Keep drawing it out
    Straight from the heart
    As you do, I'm transfixed
    I have nothing to tell you in terms of hope
    Rather that life's years tend to synch up the rope
    But fuck it I say, to him
    Probably you, and them too
    The artist in me tunes in to what I want/need to
    And you will too
    And again
    Where it's bled right out of me
    Spilling it jerks me back into line
    But from a like minded rhyme
    I'm set back
    Brought there
    To a time right of mind


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star loves the beatles too
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