Thursday, September 02, 2010

The Word - Femmes Damnées

The Word - Femmes Damnées: "

In the pallid light of languishing lamps,
In deep cushions redolent of perfume,
Hippolyta dreamed of the potent caresses
That drew aside the veil of her young innocence.

She was seeking, with an eye disturbed by the storm,
The already distant skies of her naiveté,
Like a voyager who turns to look back
Toward the blue horizons passed early in the day.

The listless tears from her lacklustrous eyes,
The beaten, bewildered look, the dulled delight,
Her defeated arms thrown wide like futile weapons,
All served, all adorned her fragile beauty.

- from Charles Baudelaire's 'Les Fleurs du mal'


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star loves the beatles too

star loves the beatles too
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