Sunday, October 05, 2008

what damaged goods

2:37 am
it's the nights like this that really shake me up.
with my bedroom window open
the air is sharp and i want it to rain
it's nights like this where i really see what i'm made of -
it's like i'm standing on the edge
always on the edge
ready to jump
fall? ready to fly away.
how could i feel something so strong  just a week ago
only to lose it now- like it was never there.
a trick i was taught at an early age?
most likely.
and when i think about it for a minute...
it makes me kinda sad that i wish i could feel it again
but it's gone.
yes... that one is gone forever
and i am here
dancing on my edge of the night
ready to jump fall leap fly whatever
ready to dance the only way i know how
it's the nights like this
that i live for.


  1. i stumbled across your blog(s) and i've gotta say,you're stuff is really fabulous. and you've got great taste in music. our record collections would get along just fine, i believe.

    until we blog again,

  2. The only people who truly know where The Edge is are the ones who've already gone over it.

  3. Anonymous10:15 AM

    Hi there! I was looking through your blog, and I like it, so I would like you to visit my blog here in San Diego.

    I want you to enjoy the different labels and music videos I have with the many artistic elements I use in my art blog.

    See you soon :)


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