Thursday, April 18, 2013

i bruise me easily with grace

throw the next gesture
chant by night
for our new messy dream
brush above pencil figures
laugh at me and my monkey impression
pop goes my pop up ballet
an original masterpiece
of glorious flame
colored in wild blue
covered me in mad
drips of color covered glow
you can light or shadow
blend or blur
take or make the fold
it's all up to you
you chooooose
me or ooze me
all over city street
and concrete static
use me with each passing face
jumping beds and bones
lose me somewhere without a trace
between the sheets
of strangers
bruise me
with grace
it means everything and nothing at all
recline to form
use me down to nothing
as i build to pieces
not built to last
i rewind  in movement
double fast
you move right through me
with you mind
 and print me out in copies
with your call
paint me open
and pour me
in nothing
shut out nothing but
the absolute feel
made to steal
made for show
package me up
nice and pretty
finish me off with a bow
i am flesh candy
frantic and absurd
almost never together with you
fly me off to my next
amuse me less
but my monkey much more

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the strangest of the strange...

the strangest of the strange...
...i am

star loves the beatles too

star loves the beatles too
yeah i love the beatles too