Wednesday, March 23, 2011

i waited for you but you never came

weeping willows
kiss the shadows of my static cling
in night softness you enter
but only in my mind
i can feel you in my heart
it's death
it's a slow death
to have thoughts of you
enter me
without any sign
without even a warning
i guess the warning was you
i should have known that
many years ago when i first let myself into you
and now i only know you in between the lines
that are written
in a message you send me
whenever you fucking feel like
sending me a little reminder
which speaks volumes
even without your voice
it's a slow death
and you know what you're doing
cause you are master of plans
you do not leave your room
you do not leave yourself
without rehearsing
what you
you've decided to be for that day
or for that person
did i ever really know you at all?
darkness stays hidden
i like things that hide
cause i'm the master of the great escape
ongoing forever flowing
i try not to stay in one place
for too long
the right exit always leaves you
a sweet memory in the minds of people you never really knew
but they thought they knew you
with the roots  of another line beneath me
and it's years that stretch on above me
in the darkness of the night
where i am with myself alone
i see the you and i are more alike
that i'd like to admit
we keep distance and desire as a game
we like to play
i kiss the air
for that is the closest i'll ever get to you
that is the closest i've ever gotten
somewhere in the air
and in the wind
you are and you are not
and that is the one truth i can keep with me
when everything else is made to be left behind

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star loves the beatles too
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