Wednesday, June 03, 2009

i belong to no one

ugh... american idol... and a milkshake...
i'd like to forget about him. i don't even want to talk about my feelings anymore.
i don't think i have any sometimes... not real ones anyways.
i'd like to.
i'd like to be like all the rest of the stupid bitches
i'm a stupid bitch sometimes
but not like you
or you...
i think i'm the worst kind of stupid bitch there is... it consumes me at the worst times... like in the middle of american idol.. and a milkshake.
i could be a stupid bitch like you... again...
i could jump beds and bodies..
and show my cunt to the world...
you'd like my cunt wouldn't you ? ???...
if i only could be that way again
I'd fuck them all
I'd fuck them with grace
I'd fuck them hard over
and in between all the fucks I'd sit back and laugh...

last night i waited at the bus stop
just to see that i was right.
and he is what he is

just as much of a liar as i am... if not more.

i think more...
he only hides it better than i do.
he hides it well.
he believe it well..
and i don't really care anymore...

i just wanted the satisfaction of knowing that he's just as much of a piece of shit
as he says i am.


  1. I dont know who this guy is.............but I know if you pour wine on the rocks one tastes it. How much do you have left to pour away? Your creating your own thirst this way. .....................Drink

  2. your not a piece of shit,your beautiful<3

  3. Anonymous6:30 PM

    i've been crying since i found you.


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star loves the beatles too
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