Tuesday, September 17, 2013


old love
dead love
you don't care
how you are
or how you make me feel
you go out of your way
you say
the things that you can't ever take back
you go out of your way
to stay
as far away from me as you want
i do not want you
i do not care about you cause you are not my friend
or my love(r)
you don't even try to make it good or better
you allow things to go to shit
and you never show me love
to back up the meaningless words you say
- and i'm not mean
i'm honest
and calling you out on your bullshit
bullshit that falls from your mouth
like nothing
without thought or care or love
i'm angry cause you're such a disappointment
and i'm upset cause you wasted my time heart, love and care
if i knew you were a shitty person
and a shitty friend
i wouldn't have let you in to begin with
cause why should i care about you when you act the way you do to me
the hard part was holding on to something you are not now
the past you doesn't matter when the present you is shitty

i've been living life thinking that i loved you
but i don't love you now
and the new
is so much better
than any life involving you

there won't be any effort
to keep you around
cause i don't want to keep something that's just bad news.
no matter what you say
now or down the road
it doesn't matter anymore...
cause you don't matter anymore
the only reason i'm writing this is
for me
to dump
to let out
and let go
of anything having to do with you
i've let you weigh me down for much too long now
you are not going to change
you will never be any better
you will never be good for me or to me
who i thought you were and who i loved is not who you are now
you are not someone i want to love
you are gone
the idea of you is not you

it's a new day

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