Friday, December 09, 2011


you can remember why you liked me when i'm gone.
you can forget about me right in the now
when it's been like this for now and many days
but i will take you as you are and as you have been
i will take you as far away as you remain
i will let  you be you
as you i let you pass on by me
i will sit back and watch you
but from now i remain free
from effort and energy wasted
from expectations that left me
spent down to pennies
trying to keep up in a material world
trying to keep up
trying to do something
trying to be
other than be
the way we will
i've stopped trying
i've stopped buying
i've stopped crying
i've stopped dying
i've been lying to myself
to be any other
is not the way
now i see
i will just sit under the sun
and not be shaken
or rattled or changed by you
or anything that can't be undone
accept change comes
as a part of the cycle
and to know but never know when
is just a part of life.
i do not fight
i do not force
i can only see and allow it to  be
what it is
whatever it is
and myself too
for you are who you are
and i am who i am
i am nothing
if that helps
sleeping dogs lie
if that helps
let what is already dying die
and remember the past is just a goodbye
to let go is the only way
we shall
 live again

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the strangest of the strange...
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star loves the beatles too

star loves the beatles too
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