Saturday, October 22, 2011

Busted my finger

Busted my finger today
And I don't want you anymore
I saw the truth
And the truth is
That you are somewhere else...
But not with me
Even if there's no one else
You are not and have never been with me


  1. "Busted Lip"
    Heatmiser -
    As sung by Elliott Smith

    I must have looked hysterical trying to get away Riding on an avalanche of things you just don't say I wanted someone's company, but to her I'm just some guy And I got a busted lip on a silent night
    I was in your car that night going out of town I know something's gotta go and I guess I'll go now White knuckles on the wheel and a pain above That's how mother nature treats everyone she loves

    Chorus: So drive out So have a drink (? ) Got a silent busted lip You wanna make me just like yourself Till I like

    He's looking at you now Like a little dove True love blinking on and off Like a bad bulb And when he breaks himself in two You say you must be high But people just always do It makes them feel alive

    Hey little bird sing! Hey little bird sing! Hey little bird sing! Hey little bird sing!

  2. Anonymous11:27 PM

    isn't it convenient to be a trashcan?!?! I fucking love it, but hope my future ex-girlfriend actually cares but she doesn't. Hah!


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