Sunday, January 16, 2011

troll from florida

migrated here
to california
for some guy
she loved
who did not love her (in fact loved somebody else)
i guess all things happen for a reason
some reason
whatever that may be
but she is a troll
she is a leech
she is a shadow
of negative fold
she is a nobody
trying to be somebody else
that someone will want
and right now that someone happens to be
the love(r) i thought i loved more than anyone
the love(r) i thought loved me (more than anyone)
the love that was anything but
that talks more than he is
that knows the act better than himself.
now she and he are we  together
"love" each other
which i believe she does for all she knows 
and he says he does but only loves himself
but she wants to believe 
she steals
she burns
she trashes
anything she thinks might be in her way
she's a troll who lives in the dark
and gave up her soul
and a troll does what any desperate troll would do to keep her "love" alive
even if it means killing a part of herself
even if it means destroying everything else
even if it mean becoming more of a little weak ass troll
she can't help it
the girl can't help it
and since she is with him - i can kind of understand why she can't
cause he is the devil in disguise

he is the 5 cent gold colored ring
that shines the shit out of your eyes
but turns your finger green
it shines so big when it's new
makes you blind 
too shiny
too fake
and some day she will see
when he's moved on to the next
when new is now old
she will see what a waste it was
and all that glitters is not gold 
but even then
in the future when
she learns all that
there is to know
she never would
-never could -
buy back her soul

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