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6 things all artists souls know

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6 Things All Artists Should Know

6 Things All Artists Should Know.

~JerkDouglas reportsDecember 15, 2010
This is a philosophy I've strained for years to compile. Having come from a shitty internet asshole background, I had to learn all this the hard way.

So in reading this, now you don't have to.

 helped with some key points.

1) Proficiency: Delude yourself all you want, but chances are you aren't going to be the next big thing until you have the intellectual and creative weight to produce incredible things consistently.

Do you really want to be the guy who got lucky? A one-hit wonder? I don't know if you know this, but fifteen minutes of fame is usually followed by obscurity and then ideally, suicide.

But it's always because you didn't know what you were fucking doing. Something you didn't have direct control over was your claim to fame, and thus there was no way you could follow up on it.

2) Specialists: Yes, there's things you do best in relation to your other skills, but then someone walks along who does what you do better than you do, as well as everything else.

This happens because a well-rounded individual realizes that overspecializing breeds-in weakness, and hampers overall progress. You're not a specialist until you at least understand some conjoining aspects of the craft, and even then, are you really such a rad dude that you're a specialist?

Well... I guess you could specialize in being a faggot. And then, nobody would really argue with you. Faggot.

Anyway, you may have a knack for certain things but don't be an asshole. If you didn't earn the right to be good at something, you aren't. Humility, bitches. Humility.

3) Outside Opinions: When more than one layman sees a certain something glaringly wrong with what you did, guess what? It is wrong! You screwed something up. If you have to explain it after the fact, you've obviously lost the chance to explain it during the fact.

Sorry, experimental methods are not free rides away from accountability. If what you have done is technically correct but someone just doesn't like how it looks, that's different. Different strokes for different folks. Know who you are creating for. If those people get it, then you're good.

4) Creative empathy: So, are you doing it all for yourself?

Good! Understand now that there stands a chance that nobody will -get- you or what you're trying to do.

If you don't put restrictions on yourself, and cater in some regard to other people's sensibilities, nothing you say will be heard, or nothing you say will even make sense to anybody other than you. Unless you have a stroke of brilliant luck, where God himself descended to translate your babble into gossamer threads of universal truth. (SORRY NO.)

Also, the probability of you being a closed minded jerk, lording your 'esoteric' knowledge over everyone increases with every claim of open mindedness and intelligence you make. No humble person ever admitted they were humble, because they're not jerks like you are.

Working to a goal outside your interests can only strengthen your creative muscle. Why limit yourself? You won't know what you like until you've tried it out.

Art is not necessarily pretty or ugly. It bends to purpose as people see fit, but without restrictions or purpose or adequate design there's nothing to understand. So why not make make it easier on your audience and make something they might actually like, with your own personal flavor on it, instead of expecting everybody to understand your great unique vision. Because chances are they simply won't understand.

4) Porn Clause: If you draw porn, it is of highest importance that you learn your fucking anatomy: Nothing screams insane creepy psycho like someone who draws shitty porn that isn't even recognizable as human or whatever you want to jerk to, then layering weird notations about it that reinforces the fact that you yourself find it attractive. Get real you fucking weirdo.

The very act of justifying something as something it is not, demonstrates layers of insanity you obviously can't comprehend. The lines of right and wrong are blurred in your mind. You are so enslaved to your sex drive, that you will jerk to anything under the fucking sun.

Congratulations because that means you are now 1000 times more likely to rape somebody.

5) There is no such thing as an artistic qualifier: Nobody gets to decide who is and isn't an artist, and what is and isn't art. I am no better than anybody else because I do one thing versus another. (ie: Realism over anime, the current common issue.)

Do whatever you're going to do. Just don't expect to get things you didn't aim for.

6) Hating Things: Not a big deal as long as you don't drop it on the target's front door and go crazy trying to hassle him about it for the rest of his natural life. Since nobody really cares about what you think in the first place, feel free to hate away. Contention breeds ingenuity, and liking everything is for wimps who have no opinions.

Aside that, the very core of human bonding comes from shared experiences, half of which are encompassed in the "hate" classification. Just remember that the hate takes two forms... Hate that inspires and drives you on, making you careful not to emulate what you are hating on, and idle bitching which accomplishes nothing on the average, except some laugh-out-loud ("lol") moments. I definitely prefer the former, the latter usually just wastes your time.

Additionally: When you hear someone you don't personally know complaining about something in conversation with you, do not go out of your way to lecture them about how everybody should be entitled to their own opinions and that they should stop complaining.

First of all, if you say that to me I will slap you in your fucking mouth. And second, ask yourself if your self-righteous definitions of artists and artistic merit are worth championing when the most common response is an eyeroll and alienation because nobody wants to hang out with a dick who bleeds superiority on them.

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