Tuesday, June 22, 2010

leaving broken hearts behind

from the first time
when i saw you across the room
there was something you made me feel
and i feel it more now
and i feel it when i wake
you make me a mush of nerves
you make me quiver and shake
i want to know you
i want to take you
like you take me
i want to feel you
i want our bodies woven
to skin our touch
i want to touch bare skin
and bare insides out
i want to feel you
every inch of you
underneath and over
from cover to cover

and taste the flavor
that is so wonderfully you
i want to take all of you
and i want to be taken
just the same
you don't know what you do to me
but you do it to me well
i don't even know what to say
or how to say it
but whatever it is
is it oh so better than anything i have ever known
you do it to me the best
keep on doing it to me
like you do
and do it to me -
some more
my body aches
my heart pulsates
and my stomach churns

i burn for YOu
everything about you
something about you
is already known
to me -
you already feel close
and i find myself
wanting you
i yearn
i crave
i burn
i love
i feel
the past is goodbye
the past loves
and lovers pass
i do not feel the hurt
i left my once broken heart behind
and life that was before
is not the same anymore
i'm not the same
feelings change
feelings die
but there is always
new you
i feel you
like music
you make me move
like music makes me move
like art makes me alive
there is
magic between us
and love

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  1. this poem is exquisite. it strikingly has the theme with one of my poems, Broken heart.


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star loves the beatles too
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