Tuesday, June 17, 2008

master of make believe

i knew this day would come at last
i lived waiting for the end to come in fast
waiting for it -waiting from you
you handsome devil and the harm you can do
i knew better than get too close
i had little to nothing for you
but somewhere in between sheets and bodies turned upside down
turned hearts around
and waiting for the end
begins to start
soft sweet dangerous skin
didn't even see you creep on in
in the back of my mind i know i'm just another girl
one more notch on your belt
one more link on your chain
then jump on out with the next passing train
you kind ain't my kind.
you charmed my ass blind
yes mister man... you are good. so very good at what you do
sweet talker fast walker
you get around
but it still didn't stop me til then
and when
i got lost looking for you
looking all around
it was then that i found
only an empty space
a fleeting face
not even a sound
in a silent forgotten room
with just the shadow of a friend
-only playing pretend
the makings of an end.
leaking hearts
dancing in echoes
i dance alone
the only remains of you
remains unknowna
the master of love 'em and leave
you are the king of make believe

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the strangest of the strange...
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star loves the beatles too

star loves the beatles too
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